Meeting His Excellency President at Presidential Secretariat Office.


We would like to express our gratitude to his excellency President Maithreepala Sirisena for the financial support towards the Falcon E Racing Project. We also would like to thank Vice chancellor of University of Moratuwa, Prof. Kapila Perera and Project Coordinator Dr. J.R. Gamage of Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Moratuwa for their presence and support to make this event a success.

Thank You Micro Cars (Pvt) Ltd

Thank you Micro Cars (Pvt) Ltd for the great support given by you at this moment in need. Team Falcon E Racing gratefully appreciates your valuable contribution in the escapade of building up the first ever formula electric car innovated in Sri Lanka.

Falcon E1 to ‘Silumina’ news paper…

Falcon E1 to ‘Silumina’ news paper…
Article about the project Falcon E1 is now available in 2018.03.04 Silumina news paper..
Hope you will enjoy reading!
#WeAreOnTheWay #FalconItIs #OneAim#NeverQuit

Read full article here :සිත්මල්-යාය/ලොව-ප්‍රධාන-පෙළේ-තරගයකට-මොරටු-සරසවි-සිසුන්ගෙන්-විදුලි-මෝටර්-රියක් — at University of Moratuwa.

FALCON E1 – Succesfully registered under number12

#Sri_Lanka 🇱🇰
Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment,
Finally we got registered to Formula Student Germany 2K18.
Thanks for all who helped, Specially Dr. JR Gamage and Mr.Sasiranga De Silva who helped tirelessly to become who we are today as a team,
Hope to see you all in FSG.

Foremost FSAE electric car of UoM

Foremost FSAE electric car of UoM, Falcon is now being build with the pioneering of undergraduates of DOME. Being unequaled, Falcon “the green beast” tames electricity and rides emission free. Brace yourself! Unveiling date is coming soon. — at University of Moratuwa.